Core Business
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Earthwork & Infrastructure projects

Infrastructural civil engineering works include the construction of roads, earthworks, drainage systems and water-related works. The Group also serves external customers and provides a range of services which include earth moving works such as site clearing, cut and fill of earth or imported borrow fill for level platform to commence building construction. Other civil engineering works that the Group are involved in include road pavement works and drainage works.

Design & Build projects

Construction methodology is changing before our eyes. Build and Design, once known as only one of many forms of alternative project delivery, may now be the most preferred method.

Design-build is a project delivery method, which is a comprehensive process that includes planning, design, construction and other services necessary for organizing, executing and completing a building or other project. Design-build is a method of project delivery in which the design and construction phases of a project are combined into one contract, usually awarded on either a low bid or best-value basis. The essence of design-build is that one company acts as Designer, Engineer, Estimator and Builder.

As a team, we partner with an owner to design and construct the project in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable price to provide a high-quality product that will serve users for the years and decades to come. Design-Build is a fast-track method where we start construction before design is completed. By working together, the team can be innovative in finding ways to quickly resolve issues that emerge. Design-Build also allows faster work completion at substantial cost savings compared to the traditional process of design-bid-build. Some of the nation's largest, most complex heavy civil projects have employed the Design-Build method.

Design-build focuses on combining the design, permit, and construction schedules in order to streamline the traditional design-bid-build environment. It is important to note that the design-build method, while not focused on saving the owner construction costs, nonetheless often saves the owner money on the overall project.Design-build has the potential to reduce over-all project cost because the design-build contractor performing the design has a better feel for the construction cost of various alternatives, thus can come up with a design that is less expensive to build and has an incentive to do so. Another way to look at this advantage is that it moves value engineering from after contract award (with the contractor proposing cost-reduction ideas and sharing the savings with the owner) to pre-award (with the owner enjoying most of the cost savings).

Design-build may result in earlier completion and occupancy of the project because there is no dead time between completion of design and start of construction. Design-build may reduce the administrative burden on the owner because there is one solicitation, one award and one contract to administer. The total cost of the project is apparent earlier with design-build.

Civil Structure projects

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design and construction of the physical and natural built environment, including works such as bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings. Construction engineering involves planning and execution of the designs from transportation, site development, hydraulic, environmental, structural and geotechnical engineers.

Environmental projects

Environmental engineering deals with the treatment of chemical, biological, and/or thermal waste, the purification of water and air, and the remediation of contaminated sites, due to prior waste disposal or accidental contamination.